Jackson Source

Jackson SourceJackson Source (since 2006) is an international network dedicated to THE JACKSONS: A Family Dynasty, The World's Most Popular Music Family & Pop Royalty. Jackson Source supports The Jacksons and the Next Generation of Jacksons who are active in the entertainment business. Jackson Source provides the latest news and updates on a daily basis online on various social media accounts

Jackson Source and Jackson Magazine are acknowledged by the Jackson Family. Jackson Source (and all of its pages and accounts in the network) is managed by Janneke van der Linden from The Netherlands (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

About Jackson Source

2016 marked the year of the tenth anniversary of Jackson Source. Jackson Source was launched by me (Janneke van der Linden from Nijmegen, The Netherlands) late February 2006. At that time, the Official Dutch Jackson Fanclub that I had been a crew member of since 1998, ended its fan services after being an active club for 27 years. During the years as crew member of the Official Dutch Jackson Fanclub I took on many tasks, from translating news and newsletters to writing articles for Jackson Magazine, to desktop publishing of the quarterly magazine, to being a spokeswoman, to being a content manager for the website and to being a member of the board.

When unfortunately the curtains fell for the Official Dutch Jackson Fanclub, I decided to launch Jackson Source with the original intention of providing a temporary gesture and service to former fan club members and fans to help them find their way to online sources to find the latest updates about the Jackson Family...

However, the temporary transition to an online news service became popular quickly and my efforts of sharing the latest updates were appreciated by fans worldwide, so I decided to continue my services a little longer than I originally planned on doing. In 2008, I started thinking of creating, designing and publishing another Jackson Magazine as a way of providing a retrospect of one year of happenings of the Jacksons also featuring exclusive content that was not available online. I felt it would be nice to create a collector’s item that you can actually hold in your hands (in a world of everything digital and online).

Ten years later, and 9 editions of Jackson Magazine published, my daily news and updates online about The Jacksons and The Next Generation provide a source for fans worldwide. All the pages set up over time have sort of grown into a network. I have seen many fan clubs and communities and fan services as well as people come and go over the years and I take pride in the consistency and commitment that I’ve shown in Jackson Source activities. 

The Twitter accounts of The Jacksons and Jermaine posted a tweet in celebration of Jackson Source tenth anniversary (in 2016) and Taj, Taryll, TJ and Tito recorded a video shout out to commemorate this milestone. Thank you!!! In his video shout out, Tito mentioned that he has a "problem" with this magazine, because I haven’t given him a cover yet. I hope I solved his problem with the 2016 edition! ;-) 


In my entire fanhood and in the ten years of managing Jackson Source, I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing a lot of Jacksons perform live (Michael, Janet, The Jacksons, Jermaine, 3T, La Toya and Austin), meet a lot of Jacksons (the offspring of Joseph and Katherine) and spend memorable times with some of them and meet a lot of people and fans from all over the world. I never met Michael in person and unfortunately, that dream can not be fullfilled anymore, but I hope my dream of meeting Janet, Rebbie and Randy comes true one day.

In 2016 I experienced a moment of personal full circles: on July 1st, 1992, at age 11, my journey started when I watched Michael Jackson, the Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived, live in Rotterdam during the Dangerous World Tour. On July 1st, 2016, I finally met, interviewed and watched Austin live for the first time in Paris after supporting him for over a decade.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the Jackson Family for the trust and support shown, the opportunities given and for the music, the inspiration, the entertainment and keeping the dream and legacy alive. I would also like to say thanks to fans, friends, family, managers, personal assistants, publicists, record labels, photographers and media sources for helping me and allowing me to serve fans worldwide. There are many people that I owe a special and many thanks, but to those it concerns, I trust that you know who you are. Thanks for everything!

It’s all for love, L.O.V.E...